Want to purchase your first home, yet struggling to get on that property ladder? Housing market in Auckland just getting too tough – or if you can afford to buy, you worry that you can’t continue to pay the rates? 

It’s just getting worse and worse for those who wish to own their first home and reside in Auckland. Now Ngatea Northern Estate Subdivision has sections priced from just $140,000 allowing you to “live your kiwi dream”.


What does your version of the kiwi dream look like?

Do you wish to own your own house on a quarter or half acre section? Something just big enough that you can grow your own veggies, have a dog and enough room to park the boat you’ll undoubtedly need in Ngatea, being only 10 minutes’ drive from some of the best fishing over the muscle farms up the Thames Coast.

Would you like to be able to walk to work or have just a short commute, where you can park right outside your workplace or in their dedicated car park, for the whole day and not pay a cent? Would you like an opportunity to expand your career in a community where a culture of hard work and respect is acknowledged and pays off?

Whilst Ngatea is a small rural community, it is by no means isolated, being just an easy 45 minute drive from Auckland. You can still have all the pleasures of the city – good coffee, a great gym to work out in, an active social life with numerous sports, clubs, hobbies and interests, but all the benefits of living in a small community as well – knowing the people you do business with, and your neighbours. You’ll notice how easy it is to make new friends.

Living in Ngatea will free you up to have your cake and eat it too – that is a beautiful home with a mortage and still money to live an enjoyable lifestyle. Don’t give up on your kiwi dream. Buy a new section in Ngatea Northern Estate today and make your kiwi dream a reality.

Ngatea – where you can Live the Kiwi Dream.



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