You’ve worked hard for years, riding out the turbulent property market in Auckland to finally retire, with a free hold house.
It’s something to be proud of and quite an achievement.

But now you’ve retired its time to live life to the fullest. After all that’s why you’ve worked so hard all those years.  But kicking up your heels on a pension is limiting. With all your money sunk into a house, the old adage of “asset rich, cash poor” springs to mind. Only do you now realise you can’t have your dream retirement living in the city.


Making the decision to retire in Ngatea at first may seem like a long shot. But picture what your version of the kiwi dream looks like now you’re retired.

The hardest decision will be which bowling club you should join, with three of them all within an easy drive.

The medical facilities in Ngatea are easily accessible with Thames Hospital just 15 minutes away. You’ll get to know the doctors who live in the greater community, and may even see them in the same supermarket you frequent.

Perhaps it’s that you really want a smaller property and house – one that if you want to go away on holiday you can just lock up and go, not worrying about maintaining a massive section and home.

Downsizing your property would certainly mean freeing up a lot of money for you to travel with. You’ll live in a nice area where there are houses and people all in the same life stage as you. There’ll be wide footpaths and flat areas ideal for twilight strolls.


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Your neighbours will become your friends and people you’ll come to rely on, carpooling to functions or events you have in common. Perhaps you’ll take up Mahjong, join the Lions or Probis service clubs, or the local Garden Circle. Maybe you’ll learn to bowl or play golf.

You may notice how the young people in the community are respectful, friendly and are raised appreciating hard work as an attribute. They’ll be polite and you’ll be happy to buy their raffle tickets when they swing by, fundraising to get to their sports tournament representing their town or even their province.

Life will be simple and will be all you imagined it would be, when you pictured your retirement and your version of the kiwi dream. Ngatea – where you can retire and “live the kiwi dream”.


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