First Home Owners

Buy Your Kiwi Dream Here!

Struggling to get on that property ladder? Housing market in Auckland just getting too tough – or if you can afford to buy, you worry that you can’t continue to pay the rates? 

It’s just getting worse and worse for those who wish to own their first home and reside in Auckland. Are you one of those struggling to get there?

Now Ngatea Northern Estate Subdivision has sections priced from just $140,000 allowing you to ‘live your kiwi dream’.


What does your version of the kiwi dream look like?  Is it still the good old fashioned version that goes something like this…

You wish to own your own house on a quarter or half acre section. Something just big enough that you can grow your own veggies, have a dog and some space for the kid’s playground.

You’d like to know your neighbours well enough that you clear each other’s mail and feed their pets when they are away. Perhaps there’s a street Barbie once a year.  The kids from the neighbourhood all play cricket in the street in the summer and ride their bikes around until dusk.  They all attend the local school so you know the families well enough to have them over to play anytime.

You can walk to work – or it’s a short commute to work where you can park right outside your workplace or in their dedicated car park, for the whole day and not pay a cent.

In the weekends you’re off to watch your kids sport. It might be that they are in the rowing team (imagine an inland school having a rowing team), or on the astro turf learning to play hockey.

Perhaps you’re up early getting them off to swim training in the heated pool.  After the sport runs are done your putting your boat in the water a short 15 minute drive away.  You can afford a boat because you haven’t had to pay so much for a house and land package.

And if boating is not quite your thing then dragging the net for flounder will still reap ample rewards for a great day in the outdoors, hunting and gathering.

You’ll find Ngatea is a place where good old fashioned values like hard work, respect and friendliness will get you a long way. You’ll wonder why you ever agonised over trying to live in the city, which is after all just an easy 45 minute commute.

Life will be simple and will be all you imagined it would be when you pictured your version of the kiwi dream.

Ngatea – where you can Live the Kiwi Dream.

Buy Your Kiwi Dream Here!